The Intuitive Approach


At Intuitive Health, our patients receive more than just treatment. As a member of the Osteopathy Chronic Pain Clinics of Canada, we’ve developed an exceptional approach to healthcare that provides our patients with comprehensive support through their journey towards achieving optimal health. Through highly personalized, precision treatments, patient-led recovery programs, and patient education and empowerment built into every session, patients of Intuitive Health experience a unique approach to Manual Osteopathy.

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Personalized, Precision Treatment

We approach every patients’ therapy with personalized, precision Manual Osteopathic treatment - meaning the treatment plans we develop with you during your initial consultation is designed to be comprehensive to your specific needs, taking whole body wellness to the next level. There is nothing templated about the way that we serve our patients at Intuitive Health, which leads to better patient experience.

Patient Led Recovery Programs

We want to ensure that every patient feels safe, heard, and well-cared for, while undergoing their treatment at Intuitive Health. So when you complete a consultation at Intuitive Health, you’re in charge. We include our patients in the development of their care plan - which they approve, by educating them on their somatic dysfunction and developing precision treatments to best address the issues.  Patients can be confident that their care is designed to achieve maximal function.

Education and Empowerment

We believe that when patients truly know their body, and any conditions that may be affecting it, they are empowered to play an active role in their journey to optimal health. Our goal is for every patient at Intuitive Health to leave our practice with more knowledge of their body than when they first came in. So we explain, in detail, the steps involved in healing and engage our patients to be part of their recovery. Understanding your body is key in healing it and preventing further injury!


Our Intuitive Approach to Manual Osteopathy provides patients with an exceptional care experience that supports their journey towards optimal health.