I’m Liz, the owner and founder of Intuitive Health. I treat, care for and empower patients experiencing chronic pain so that they can live their life to the fullest potential.


Wellness is a journey, and often the road travelled is winding and convoluted. Like many people, my journey began because of my children - my oldest had developed a slew of food allergies, and my youngest was diagnosed with autism. Conventional medicine just wasn’t enough, and I was left frustrated, confused and angry with more questions than answers. Even though I had spent my entire career working in healthcare administration, I struggled to understand how to help my girls, or how to navigate a confusing healthcare system.

Hope, as it turns out, came to me while researching alternative healing methods that used a holistic, whole-body approach to treating disease, which sparked my lifelong passion for holistic medicine and helping others along their journey to wellness. I know what its like to be alone and confused when it comes to your health, so I’ve made it my mission to help others who feel this way.

Armed with this passion, I decided to further my education and enrolled at the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine. Upon completing this, I decided to round out my healing toolkit by studying Manual Osteopathy at the National College of Osteopathy in Ontario with a thesis on Manual Osteopathic Treatment: Benefits to the mother and fetus, which focused on maternal stress and its effects on fetal development.

Every Manual Osteopathic practitioner has a slightly different approach to treating patients, mainly due to their education, knowledge and previous experience. Because of the journey I’ve taken, I’ve directed my practice to include not just high-quality Manual Osteopathy treatments for each of my patients, but also personalized education surrounding their specific conditions - so everyone who leaves my practice comes away with a greater understanding of their health than when they first walked in. Understanding your body is key in healing it and preventing further injury! You can read more about our Intuitive Approach below:

Outside of clinic life, I’m an avid horse enthusiast, children’s author and hobby farmer in Minto Township. Maintaining optimal health and physical mobility is crucial to me so I can continue to enjoy life on the farm for decades to come - and many of my patients share a similar dream. For this reason, I’ve specialized my practice around treating patients who experience chronic pain (even though Intuitive Health serves much more than that!) I don’t want chronic pain to hold me back from experiencing all that life has to offer, and I know you don’t either!