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Find relief and empower your health.


Intuitive Health specializes in treating chronic pain and women’s health through Manual Osteopathy - a gentle, non-invasive physical treatment that uses proven body mobilizations to provide patients with greater mobility and lasting relief. We are a proud member of the Osteopathy Chronic Pain Clinic of Canada!


What Is Manual Osteopathy?

When your body is out of alignment, chronic pain can develop. Manual Osteopathy mobilizes your joints through safe and gentle body mobilizations, which brings mobility to your tendons and muscles and increases your range of movement and flexibility.

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Can Intuitive Health Help Me?

Our approach to Manual Osteopathy focuses on empowering our patients to learn more about their health, so you leave your appointment with a better understanding of any conditions or dysfunctions affecting your body, and how we can manage them.

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What Can I Expect in An Appointment?

Every patient who visits Intuitive Health will receive a personalized treatment plan designed specifically to address their unique needs, created during their consultation appointment. Following appointments will be spent treating the initial condition based on this plan.   

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An Intuitive Approach to Healthcare

Intuitive Health specializes in treating individuals who experience chronic pain through gentle, non-invasive body mobilizations for lasting relief.


An Intuitive approach to Women’s health

Intuitive Health specializes in women’s health, we focus on balancing the body through gentle mobilizations for lasting relief.


Liz is a Manual Osteopath that treats, cares and empowers patients experiencing chronic pain so that they can live their life to the fullest potential.


Serving Patients Locally in Midwestern Ontario

Don’t let chronic pain hold you back from experiencing all that life has to offer - whether that’s running around with your grandkids, travelling down to Florida in the winter, or learning how to salsa dance. Find relief, and freedom, through Manual Osteopathy!